a walk in a cemetery with Taryn Lee


Lemme tell you my favorite thing about Taryn. I’ll start by naming all my second favorite things – some will be news to her, some probably not so much. 

Taryn has presence. 

Yep, she has presence. And it’s not just because of her height, her mermaid hair, her style, or her absolutely gorgeously symmetrical and well made-up face. 

And it also isn’t just because Taryn is smart, contemplative, likes to have fun, and is just an overall damn force of positive energy. 

Nah. I feel her strength when I’m in her presence because Tall Tee loves the media. 

My absolute favorite thing about Taryn – she respects and loves the power of a story.

And it shows, through her words and her strong visual aesthetic (see for yourself). 

She loves to aide and be party to the creation of beauty. 

As she would say, we used to go to JoAnn Fabrics, sit on our bedroom floors and make shyt. Feather earrings to be exact.

They were….interesting. 

But our less than finest pieces notwithstanding –

We are producers. We want to spread that raw love.

So if this set, and it’s presets made in Lightroom, capture just a small sacred piece of how at peace I felt at Swan Point shooting with Taryn, then I may have crafted a good narrative, maybe made a good post.

And I hope it reads like a story you never want to end.


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