her arcadian cambric


her arcadian cambric

a quiet session with MLA


Maegan is a very beautiful young woman. This was my first ever 1:1 intentional series, and although my dlsr body was slow, my aperture too shallow, and the technique failed the subject, can’t help but love on the way they look. 

Maegan in Pawtucket, RI

It’s a very pastoral looking set, with an almost fright-night suburban warrant. And even further in some frames, since we shot where the city is just behind the fence, Maegan’s expressions help ferry this feeling perfectly. 

The light moved in post-production, and it was just as we discussed when we were shooting – a host of contingencies, and a million options for exporting. It was a virtual copy free-for-all, and I almost fell into the panchreston trap, looking for a blanket set of edits when I just could never decide. 

Warm, cool, colorized, split-toned, black and white. They all looked good. 

As I said, I believe the flexibility is a testament to the subject. 

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