at a picturesque barn in upstate NY


What better way to say goodbye to summer 2019, than to remember how it started? It was a hard spring, full of changes, but we welcomed this particular change – to watch James and Carrie go from just together to married.

It was our gorgeous friends’ most glorious wedding, and in the most galvanic and bucolic corner of upstate New York.

Hot for the second Saturday in June, but it fit the atmosphere. It was like being transposed in time, to a modern idyllic limbo full of natural light leaks, laughter, and romance.  

This is Margaret, and she was my wedding sprit animal. Took this before I even knew her name. 

In fact, all of Carrie’s and James’ friends and family were damn attractive and prettied the gold scenes with their smiles quite nicely. 

This guy, in-particular, was the one I found most attractive. Bias be damned, don’t you agree? 

But no one wore happy as brilliantly as the groom. 

Owls Hoot Barn was full of rustic details, you couldn’t help but be relaxed. 

Take it from Billy, and look up. Because the details didn’t stop at eye level. 

The bees almost outnumbered the flowers. 

Carrie was the most beautiful bride. 

She always humors my paparazzi ways. 

We took to the barn for the reception. 

Couldn’t get over how beautiful Carrie was. 

It was one hell of a party. 

☼ Cheers to James and Carrie. ☼  


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