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A collection + thoughts on the og candid - the reverse portrait.


My favorite type of portrait photography is the candid.  For those of us who aren’t models, the natural feeling is to feel self-conscious in front of another’s camera (guilty).

A candid removes the room for feelings of self-doubt and it allows for the most authentic representation of your subject in the moment. 

Bill in Jamestown, RI

To be media literate, we must remember that photographs are not reliable representations of objective reality. They are rarely objective. The frame, the settings, the camera, the editing – the photographer is God of a shot. 

Roberto at the 2018 Women's March - PVD, RI

Unless you’re a photojournalist, your photographs are more art than reality – but the candid – that is as natural as you can get.

It doesn’t hurt that my friends are beautiful people. When I capture their faces, that outside beauty is evident. In a clear, alluringly lit portrait – they shine.

But when I shoot a follow, you see their beautiful souls. They are as they are:


Bill + Dan in Narragansett, RI


Dan + Liz in Narragansett, RI


Maegan in North Conway, NH

And onto a destination.

Kayla in Lincoln Woods, RI

The reverse portrait is a picture absolute.

Austin in Daggett Woods, Pawtucket, RI

They’re definitely conscious and annoyed at the sound of my shutter over their shoulder – likely with some ignorance only some of the time. But even still, the reverse portrait is a picture absolute.

Roxie in Narragansett, RI

Perfect for the digital age. For the public, the subject’s privacy is slightly preserved. As the photog, you recognize them, you remember them in that moment, without needing to see their faces. But better still, a stranger can descry their energy, say that could be me, or my friend, and truly put themselves in the frame.

Bill in Newport, RI
Azarius in Narragansett, RI
Bill home in RI

a stranger can descry their energy

You can imagine that you’re at the shoreline, with your family, listening to the waves… 

Bill in Narragansett, RI

Thinking back on that winter, walking in the cold air, waiting on Christmas…

See a place you’ve never been, and hope to one-day share that scenery.

North Conway, NH
Bill in Maine
Maegan + Jon in Narragansett RI

And no doubt I see that to some it’s just the back of someone’s head. ‘Oh that’s nice,’ move on, next photo. But to me, it’s more.

Bill in Pawtucket, RI

To that I say, ‘but it’s a damn attractive head, right?”

Bill home in RI
Maegan in Narragansett RI
<a href=" Jon home in RI

So, do me a favor, love. 

If you ever hear the shutter over your shoulder, you’re beautiful, don’t change a thing you’re doing. I only ask that you count to three before you turn around. 🙂


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