block island

Island of the Little God


Block Island. Blocks o’ fudge. 

That’s not a real thing, it’s an inside joke. The kind of inside joke you kick-up out of a conversation you remember vaguely, delirious, red-faced, laughing on the Ferry ride back. Making memories in the summer. Falling in love.

Each time it’s a little kitsch. Not full Ocean City, Hampton, or Myrtle Beach kitsch, but a little of that ‘like but not live here’ summer boardwalk variety.

Warm air on your cheek. Remembering all the good things about being young, and unconsciously consigning all that was vexing to oblivion.

Awkwardness obliviate. Them summer perks.

It’s just absurd that a tie-dye t-shirt can conjure all that, isn’t it? That a magnet can help you remember what is home.

When you’re home in the summer the hydrangeas smile at you, and in 2018, by the time we got to Block Island, I needed a lot of that. 

Their friendly faces greet you – blue, purple, pink, and white, nestled in the greenest leaves, pom-poms of petals under the July sun.

Their presence a reassurance of a deserving vacation, and some self-sanctioned time to disconnect from the melodrama of the day-to-day.

The duality of the Island of the Little God, is that it’s existence is a rope walk between development and protectionism. 


Preservation of the ample but not boundless landscape, and the need to sustain a community.

If the views of Block Island, Rhode Island, and New England are new to you, you can’t imagine how fortunate we are. Either way, you’ll see them below, through eyes that’s looked upon them for all her thirty years.

Our history is wrought, Manisses buried in the kitsch. It would take a hundred lighthouses in some places for us to see the light and pay those back who have been wronged.

If not idemnity, then in memory, and the first step is to preserve it, and our feelings here, in pixels.

Here are a few of those memories from last year’s schlep to the Block.


Some photographs in this collection + more

☟ All captured + edited by BCP ☟

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